2011 Moving of the company headquarters into the new facility in Rosdorf
In third generation, Dr. Friederike Fleitmann becomes COO of Labotect
1971 Foundation of Labotect as a trading company for laboratory equipment by Otto Schinkel
1978 Birth of Louise Brown (first ART-baby worldwide)
Labotect starts its own R&D department for developing products for incubation technique, especially in the field of ART (assisted reproduction technique)
1982 Birth of Oliver W., the first German ART-baby
1992 Delia Schinkel-Fleitmann succeeds her father Otto Schinkel as CEO and owner of Labotect
The product range is expanded significantly to serve the needs of ART and cell culture laboratories
1996 Labotect moves to a new location in Göttingen (Willi-Eichler-Straße)
2007 Building of a new production plant in Rosdorf, a village on the periphery of Göttingen
2008 Production starts in the new plant in Rosdorf
2009 Building of a new warehouse and service facility in Rosdorf
2010 Moving of all warehousing and service operations into the new facility in Rosdorf
Start of construction of a new administration building