Hand in hand -Together innovations can be created.

Labotect Family

Labotect has been in the same family for three generations. We are committed to family values. We look out for each other. We appreciate our customers as long-term partners and sources of inspiration. We value our employees and products. Quality and long-term functionality are at the heart of everything that we develop.

Our stringent requirements apply to the technologies that we develop just as much as to those by whom these technologies are developed, manufactured and distributed across the globe. Providing our employees with new qualifications is essential to us. We learn from each other and with each other.

We rely on cultivating a workforce with a diverse range of ethnicities, languages, qualifications and schooling. Our day to day business is typified by experienced and new employees working together and a proper gender balance. We want tolerance to be part of everything we do.

Our top executives

Otto Schinkel (1971 – 1990) is the founder of Labotect, that quickly became a pioneer in the field of assisted reproduction
Delia Schinkel-Fleitmann (since 1989) is responsible for the internationalization of Labotect and a new generation of incubators manufactured in-house
Dr. Friederike Fleitmann (since 2008) will expand the company and lead it into a successful future