A part of the exterior the company headquarters surrounded by nature.Through a fence sheep are separated from the direct premises.

Labotect Big Pictures

Impression of this spring's Sales and Service Training. Thank You to all the participants!

The built-up booth of Labotect from the frontal view.
The Labotect ring banner at an exhibition
The Aspirator 3 with movable support stand integrated in the booth.king at the camera.
At the trade fair piled side by side: Labo Gasmixer, Gas Regulator and C-Top.
Meeting with a distributor at the booth
Meeting with a distributor at the booth
View of the booth from sideways with the view of the incubators C60 and C200
You can't be hungy on an exhibition. A catering team at which one can serve oneself in plenty
People who visit the booth of Labotect
People at the exhibtion on Labotect booth.
Interested people in conversation with the management in the middle of the booth
Until late in the evening the hard-working employees of labotect advise and present products at the booth.

Impressions of ESHRE 2015 in Lisbon and the Labotect booth.

Blue sky, a green meadow and sheep grazing on it.
Two goats are hiding in the forest.
Two goats in the forest, one of them looking at the camera.
Growing mushrooms in a forest.
A tree blooming with rose flowers.
Surrounded by nature, the pond of Labotect with a blue duck house with Labotect's inscription.
In the middle of the pond a blue duck house.Two ducks are just visiting.

Autumnally impressions of our carbon-neutral lawn mowers (sheeps and goats) and the large pond (October, 23rd).

Launch of the new duck house
A garden with benches and tables. In the foreground is a tree with a bird house.
The duck house in the middle of the pond in nature.
Labotect employees at the celebration of launching the new duck house
The architects of the new duck house.
The grill team of the celebration
Some of the employees in the background. In the foreground smiling chief executive officer can be seen.
Labotect employees listen to CEO's speech

„Multi-species-house“ launched in Labotect pond on July 17th, 2014. The duck house was built by our apprentices and introduced to the Labotect staff with a barbecue.

COO explaining the LCU to two women
A swan head in the close-up.
Entrance of the ESHRE meeting.
A covered footpath to the congress.
Wall of Hope with Children pictures and descriptions.

Impressions of ESHRE 2014 in Munich and the Labotect booth 74

Frog concert in the water of the bow and stern of our Labotect ship (pond frogs on June 06, 2014)


Flowers in front of the Labotect administration building, May 23rd to June 6th, 2014

Carbon-neutral lawn mowers!
Since the 18th
of May, we have fifteen Suffolk sheep standing directly behind our administration building. They are keeping our lawn on the rampart short during the grazing season. It is a feeling like working next to the dike: the rustling again and again in front of the window and the sheep’s bleats when the herd takes off its rounds.