07/01/19 11:24

Inauguration of joinery - The team of BeLoTec is expanding


With the opening of its own carpentry workshop, BeLoTec has taken another step towards being able to overall equip laboratories.

Together with management and employees of Labotect and BeLoTec, the resulting joinery team of BeLoTec celebrated the inauguration of the new workshop on the companies’ premises in June 2019. With food and drink, everyone had the chance to visit the almost finished production hall and familiarize themselves with the machines and tools used daily in a joinery.

In addition to the traditional tasks of carpentry, the team will increasingly be able to accept orders for special laboratory furnishings. Thanks to the generously equipped workshop, they will be able to adhere to the principles of sustainability, durability and quality Labotect and BeLoTec already stand for.

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