08/09/19 10:50

Labotect celebrates its 40-year jubilee with long-time employee

Jubilarians and management


Mrs. Kornelia Wüstefeld celebrates her 40th jubilee, other jubilarians honoured.

As part of our so-called "veteran's meal", some employees were honoured on Thursday, August 8th 2019, as jubilarians.
Once a year, Labotect invites all employees who have been with us for 15 years and more to a veteran's meal. "In 2012, we thought that we should create a possibility for our long-standing employees to exchange views away from their everyday professional life. Since at that time the workforce was relatively young, we came up with the idea of the veteran’s meal starting from 15 years of service, "said Delia Schinkel-Fleitmann, owner of Labotect.

So on Thursday, Mrs. Kornelia Wüstefeld was honored for 40 years of service. This makes her the longest serving employee of the company. She began her professional life with an apprenticeship at Labotect and was subsequently taken on employment. She was honored in a small speech by Mrs. Schinkel-Fleitmann.

Further honors were given to Mrs. Susanne Hahn who was also taken on after training as an industrial clerk, she was honored for 20 years of service.

Earlier this year, Mrs. Anja Kunze celebrated 30 years of employment with Labotect.

Mr. Elmar Beykirch entered his well-earned retirement after more than 29 years in the company.