05/01/19 10:32

New: CellTrans 2018

CellTrans 2018 with heating block

New transport incubator – Labotect CellTrans 2018

Labotect is pleased to announce the modernization of our transport incubator Cell-Trans 4016. The new transport incubator is characterized by an improved operating panel und new design. To facilitate the gassing of the interior, the CellTrans 2018 has an improved CO2 connection via quick coupling.

The CellTrans 2018 can be powered by the normal mains supply or by car voltage and thus ensures that your cells will not cool down during transport. Since the CO2 concentration is factory aligned while using a heating block, it is necessary for safe transportation to use one of our matching heating blocks to guarantee the correct CO2 value during transportation. To allow for a quick operational readiness, the used heating block should be preheated in a big box incubator to considerably reduce the heating-up time of the CellTrans 2018.

Please note that the old version of our transport incubator, the Cell-Trans 4016 (REF 13867), is not available anymore. Furthermore, the heating block REF 15212 (for microtiter plates) cannot be used with the new CellTrans, the new block for microtiter plates is REF 16961.

You’ll find more information about the CellTrans 2018 here.