04/01/20 09:40

New! CellTrans+


We would like to inform you about the newest member in our product portfolio – the CellTrans+, a humidified CO2 transport incubator for secure and mobile preservation of biological material and as back up in case of incubator or power outage.

Specifications CellTrans+

The new CellTrans+ (CT+) REF 16529 is a CO2 incubator operating with humidity and allows full control over temperature and CO2 regulation. The CT+ lets you set the required CO2 and temperature values at any time. In addition, the built-in rechargeable battery has a runtime of up to ten hours*. To give you the opportunity to incubate your materials at an optimal humidity level, the CT+ has a humidification element to build up the humidity in the incubation chamber. The CellTrans+ can therefore not only be used as a transport incubator but also as a backup in case of incubator or power failure. (*Duration dependent on ambient temperature)

The scope of supply includes an insert for 5 ml and 13 ml Falcon tubes, a car cable to maintain the temperature during a car trip even without battery power. In addition, the scope of supply also includes the DataVISUAL’19 software for acquisition and evaluation of the incubator values stored by the CellTrans+. Like our other incubators, the CT+ has very short recovery times for all adjustable parameters. The heating of the surface, bottom and lid of the incubation chamber ensures a homogeneous temperature distributions. Inserts are also available for microtiter plates, 4-well dishes and round dishes with a diameter of 55 mm.

You’ll find more information here.