05/09/17 12:26

New: Hot Plate A4

Labotect Hot Plate A4

New: Labotect Hot Plate A4

Labotect proudly presents the Hot Plate A4 with integrated control unit but yet very flat appearance (only 15 mm high), which is suitable for the save handling of carriers filled with valuable cells. The very easy to clean glass surface of the A4 is applicable for all kinds of detergents. The Hot Plate A4 also impresses with its light weight of only 1 kg and the very easy and intuitive to use menu. As all Labotect Hot Plates, the A4 needs only a short time to heat up (HP A4 < 10 min.) and has a homogeneous temperature distribution and an optimal heat transfer to heating blocks, culture dishes, object slides and anything else that is to be kept warm on a Hot Plate.

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