05/09/17 12:16

NEW: Labo C-Top with SAFE Sens® pH-monitoring system

Labo C-Top with integrated SAFESens® TrakPod™ and SAFESens® TrakStation™ for continuous pH-monitoring

NEW: Labo C-Top with SAFE Sens® pH-monitoring system

In cunjunction with Blood Cell Storage Inc., we are able to offer our proven benchtop incubator Labo C-Top with integrated pH-monitoring system.

SAFE Sens® provides fast, non-invasive and cost-efficient monitoring of pH during embryo culture. The SAFE Sens® technology utilizes a patented and proven LED-based optical fluorescent system which reliably monitors the pH value of small amounts of culture media. For this purpose, the benchtop incubator Labo C-Top is now available with integrated SAFE Sens® TrakPods™ either in both chambers or side of choice, which automatically sends real time data of the pH value every minute or every 30 minutes for up to 7 days to a TrakStation™ without the need of opening the benchtop incubators’ chambers. It is possible to connect up to 8 TrakPods™ to one TrakStation™; therefore 4 Labo C-Tops can be connected simultaneously

The included software contains data recording capabilities and a function for automatic alerts by e-mail. With the automatic calibration via the SAFE Sens® qc2 alignment tool no costly, time-consuming calibration and no outside calibration services are required.

The system is also available for our large format incubators.


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