05/09/17 12:14

New large format incubator - Labo C201 with decontamination routine

Labo C201 closed and opened, with subdivided inner door (option)

New large format incubator – Labo C201 with decontamination routine

Precaution against contamination is a basic feature of all Labotect incubators, implemented e.g. by the active sterile humidity supply, various filters for the atmosphere and induced gases, no condensation points due to a homogeneous temperature distribution, very fast recovery times and, of course, an individual cell test before delivery.

Additionally, our newest CO2 incubator Labo C201 is equipped with a decontamination routine by short wave UV-C-radiation which lasts 180 minutes and is to be started individually. If the door is opened, the process will stop immediately to prevent contact with the UV radiation.

A menu guided 7’’ color touch display is another new feature of our C201. It shows all important information at first glance and can display all measured parameters graphically for the last 2 or 24 h (t, CO2, rH and O2). For your security against unauthorized door opening, the Labo C201 has an optional access control via numerical code on the touch screen with a mechanical unlocking in case of power failure (emergency release). A serial access port for an easy installation of additional devices (e.g. pH meter) is present, as well as an integrated particle filter within the airflow.

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