Two bottles can be connected with the Gasmomitor  and changes can be made via  touchscreen display.

REF 14782

Automatic changeover unit

  • Gas monitoring for CO2, N2 and mixed gas (max. 21 % O2)
  • Monitors the gas supply and switches over automatically to second cylinder if supply is exhausted
  • Ensures continuous gas supply without interruption
  • Monitoring of gas pressures
  • Optical and acoustical alarm if pressure is too low or too high
  • Graphic display with touch screen


Dimensions195 x 53 x 181 mm (w x d x h)
Pressure range0.8 to max. 1.5 bar
Alarm threshold and LOW switching pointP < 0.3 bar
Alarm threshold HIGHP ≥ 2.0 bar
Maximum permitted connection pressureP = 2.0 bar
Remote alarm
Power supply12 V by Plug-in power supply 100 - 240 V AC

RS485 interface for data logging with optional available PC software LaboDat+

Remote alarm

REF 14943


Support stand for gasmonitor


Quick couplers and further connectors
Holder for installation at the wall
Mains adapter
Magnetic signs for labelling of gas cylinder