Fermacidal D2®

Labotects desinfectant are available in different versions: In different canister and bottle sizes and as disinfectant wipes.

Fast-acting disinfectant without alcohol


  • Ready-to-use disinfectant for surfaces and instruments
  • Cleaning effect
  • Long-term effective
  • Smell-removal and neutralisation of odour-causing bacteria


Quatary ammonium compounds
Without alcohol and aldehyde
Does not irritate the skin
Does not stain
Dissolves dried blood stains
Good compatibility of materials like metal, rubber and plastic
VAH listet and BauA registered

Each batch MEA (Mouse Embryo Assay) and HSSA (Human Sperm Survival Assay) tested

Microbiological efficancy

Bactericidal, e.g. Salmonella, Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Fungicidal, e.g. Trichophyton mentagrophytes
Selective virucidal, e.g. Hepatitis B, HIV, Rotavirus

REF 13045     Spray bottle 50 ml
REF 13048     Spray bottle 250 ml
REF 15213     Bottle (screw cap) 500 ml
REF 13044     Spray bottle 1 l
REF 13043     Canister 5 l
REF 15101     Canister 10 l
REF 13046     Disinfectant wipes, 120 pieces