Labotects disinfectant cleaner concentrate is available in different versions: as bottle or canister.


  • For combined wipe disinfection and cleaning of surfaces and inventory
  • For mask disinfection and cleaning in case of epidemics as well
  • Free of any toxic or volatile compontents
  • Protein and fat dissolving, neutralizes odour bacteria


Quaternary ammonium compounds

Without alcohol and aldehydes

Odourless, neutralizes odour-producing bacteria


Cleans and disinfects in one step

Dissolves dried blood stains

Leaves no stains

Protein and fat dissolving

Good compatibility with metals, rubber and plastics

BauA registered


Microbiological efficancy

Bactericidal, e.g. Salmonella, Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Fungicidal, e.g. Trichophyton mentagrophytes
Selectively virucidal, e.g. Hepatitis B, HIV, Rotavirus


(as specified by the manufacturer)

REF 15422     Grip bottle 2 l
REF 15421     Canister 10 l