Embryo Transfer Catheter Set

The Embryo Transfer Catheter Set is very versatile in use, not only because of the adjustable slide ring but for the different lengths available

Special and proven design

  • The Luer connection at the proximal end of the guiding cannula permits trouble-free insertion of the inner catheter
  • The penetration depth and the direction can be set at the guiding cannula using a slide ring
  • Atraumatic owing to the curved guiding cannula with a ball end, allowing the set to be used reliably even with difficult anatomic conditions
  • Metal reinforced inner catheter shaft allows simple, safe handling
  • Three different lengths permit optimal adaption to different anatomies
  • Disposable product, double sterile packed

Enhanced Safety and Reliability

Each batch MEA (Mouse Embryo Assay) and LAL (Endotoxin Assay) tested
Biocompatibility conforming to ISO 10993
Validated gamma-sterilisation
Production under controlled conditions

Regulatory Standards

Classification according to directive 93/42 EECClass Is
To be used by trained personnel only


REF 13365     Embryo transfer catheter set, length: 150 mm
REF 13366     Embryo transfer catheter set, length: 190 mm
REF 13369     Embryo transfer catheter set, length: 230 mm