Holding Pipettes

The microinjection pipette is individually packed and easy to identify due to a green marking. It is also protected by a casing.

REF 14697 (with angle 35°)
REF 14698 (with angle 30°)

Holding pipette for in-vitro fertilization and manipulation of the ovum


  • Each batch is MEA (mouse embryo assay) and LAL (endotoxin assay) tested
  • Ideal in handling and safe for transportation
  • With expedient size and angle

    Lumen diameter set for stable immobilisation of cells
    Optimal degree values

  • Packaging

    Individually sterile packed
    Easy handling during pipette removal
    Special brackets protect pipette from damage during transportation
    Colour coding simplifies identification

  • Validated electron beam strerilization
  • Class Is according to Directive 93/42/EEC

SpecificationInner diameter 20 μm ± 5 μm
Outer diameter 100 μm ± 10 μm
PackagingColor code GREEN
Material POM

Available in the following angles:

REF 14697     Holding Pipette, angle 35°
REF 14698     Holding Pipette, angle 30°