REF 16529

CO2 transport incubator for a secure and mobile preservation of specimen, culture media etc.

Advantages of CellTrans+:

  • Can also be used as back up in case of incubator or power outage
  • Temperature adjustable between 30 °C and 42 °C
  • CO2 adjustable between 0 % and 10 %
  • Reliable humidity system
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • Compact design
  • Insert for 16 Falcon tubes of 5ml and 13ml each

Duration with completely charged accumulator:
  • At 2 °C ambient temperature approx. 4 h
  • At 10 °C ambient temperature approx. 6 h
  • At 23 °C ambient temperature approx. 10 h


Interior chamberAnodized aluminum
Insert: stainless steel
TemperatureOver-all heating of lateral surface, bottom and lid of incubation chamber
Homogeneous temperature distribution

Via humidifying disc Ø 50 mm

CO2Dual beam infrared sensor
Measurements independent of temperature and humidity
Recovery timesShort recovery times for all adjustable parameters through microprocessor controlled regulation
Easy navigationMenue guided
Backlid LCD
InterfacesUSB interace for data evaluation via PC Software DataVISUAL ’19 (in scope of supply) (Compatible up to Windows 10)

Power supply100 V – 240 V, 60 W
12 V car cable
DimensionsExterior: 386 x 251 x 370 mm (l x w x h in mm)
Interior: ø 160 mm, Height 130 mm, volume approx. 1.7 l
Empty weight approx. 10 kgs.
Temperature controlControl range 30 °C – 42 °C at 3 °C above room temperature
Temperature homogeneity ± 0.2 °C
Temperature stability ± 0.1 °C
CO2 regulationControl range 0 – 10 % CO2
Control accuracy 0.3 % CO2
CO2 pressure tankCapacity 0.4 l
Pressure 8 bar
ClassificationSafety class I
Conform to EN 61010

REF 17441     Pressure reducing valve for CO2 0 - 10 bar, incl. quick coupling body

REF 17662     Insert for up to three shelves for various plates / dishes

REF 17540     Shelf for one microtiter plate for insert REF 17662

REF 17554     Shelf for two 4-well dishes for insert REF 17662

REF 17555     Shelf for four round dishes (base diameter ~ 5 mm) for insert REF 17662

Transport incubator CellTrans+
Mains adapter
Car voltage adapter cable
Connection hose for CO2 supply
Disc for humidification
USB data cable
PC software DataVISUAL ’19 (on USB stick) for data evaluation
Insert for 16 Falcon tubes of 5 ml and 13 ml each